iceberg graphic representing direct and indirect costsOur mission is to provide better options for conflict resolution than are typically available today. Adversarial resolution of conflict is costly and disruptive.

Outside litigation expense for the 200 largest US companies averages at least $115 million annually, excluding liability and settlement payments. Worse, these direct costs represent only the tip of the iceberg. The total is typically three to four times greater when opportunity and productivity costs, and broken relationships are added in. Too often, alternative dispute resolution options replicates the adversarial dynamic of litigation.

At BeyondConflict, we view conflict differently. We help our clients suspend the conditioned fight-or-flight response to conflict and engage with each other in order to:

  • Uncover new possibilities;
  • Generate outcomes that lower cost and create value; and
  • Strengthen relationships and prevent future disputes.

Our purpose is to help that happen for our clients. Our vision is for it to become the norm.

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