Graph showing benefits of using Beyond ConflictBeyondConflict provides fresh and effective approaches to resolve complex cases and to prevent the escalation of conflict. We help parties reframe and resolve conflict in ways that not only generate lower-cost outcomes and uncover new value, but also can strengthen relationships and prevent future disputes.

RESOLVE Complex Cases

We’re ready to help resolve your complex disputes at any stage by getting to the heart of the matter, identifying key issues, brainstorming options and helping develop strategies meeting all parties’ needs: Early/Neutral Case Evaluation | Mediation & Arbitration

PREVENT Conflict from Escalating

We’ll also help prevent costly and disruptive disputes by working with your team to identify incipient or likely sources of conflict and using innovative conflict-management tools and services to focus the energy of conflict on creative solutions before it degenerates into costly disputes:

Business Transitions

  • Family & Closely Held Businesses
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Professional Practices


  • Colleges and Universities
  • Non-profit and Member Organizations
  • Hospitals

Safeguarding Projects

  • IT System-Integration Projects
  • Construction Projects
  • Distributorship, Supply & Franchise Agreements

CUSTOMIZE Fees to Meet Your Needs

We tailor fee arrangements to fit the engagement and to meet our clients’ needs.

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