Complex Dispute Resolution

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Maximizing potential value when resolving conflict is crucial to your bottom line and long-term success. Too often, parties “settle for settlement,” accepting resolutions that satisfy no one and leave value on the table.  We aim higher. We help parties reframe their conflict as a shared challenge or puzzle to be solved. We work on establishing mutual understanding to help parties move beyond the adversarial fight to establish who’s “right,” and we respect relationships and brainstorm with both parties to consider common interests and future opportunities as part of the resolution.

BeyondConflict provides two neutrals whose combined experience includes mediating and representing clients in conflicts involving businesses of all sizes, from the Fortune 50 to closely held companies, banks, insurers, and universities, as well as government agencies, individual employees, inventors, students, and professors. We have handled a wide range of issues, including complex business, environmental, and employment torts; patent infringement, trade secrets, and other intellectual-property cases; disputes arising from mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, from the sale of real estate, from the disposal of hazardous substances, and from complex IT, commercial and construction projects; and disputes involving indemnification and insurance coverage, and the interpretation of statutes and regulations, including constitutional and preemption challenges.

We offer a range of services to help you resolve complex disputes, including Early/Neutral Case Evaluation and Mediation and Arbitration.

We also offer Dispute Prevention services to help you plan for and manage conflict to keep it from becoming disruptive.

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