Early/Neutral Case Evaluation

chess gameWe bring independence, substantial experience and fresh perspectives to evaluate the direct and indirect costs, risks, and probable outcomes of litigation. Neutral case evaluation potentially offers great value before litigation is commenced or in the early stages of litigation, before the parties have invested significant time and money. Neutral case evaluation can also be effective later in cases, such as at the close of discovery, during the summary-judgment phase, or shortly before final preparation for trial.

When working with multiple parties, we frankly evaluate all sides of the dispute, including the effect of litigation on any ongoing or potentially valuable relationship between the parties. If both parties agree, we can then assist the parties in resolving the dispute.

Alternatively, we also work as neutral advisors to a single party facing litigation. We will frankly evaluate anticipated or existing litigation and help brainstorm options and strategies for advantageous resolution.

In all cases, we tailor our services to the case and the client(s).

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