Dispute Prevention

rock climbersConflict is inevitable when people or organizations work together on issues or projects. Rather than feared, conflict should be anticipated and embraced as an opportunity to make things better, whether it’s when a professional practice or business is in transition, at predictable points in the culture and experience of your organization, or in major business engagements and projects.

Conflict is dynamic. With appropriate planning and intervention at different stages, BeyondConflict can help you anticipate and successfully navigate conflict, avoid the usually huge direct and indirect costs of full-blown disputes, and turn conflict from a dreaded adversarial and costly interaction into an opportunity to discover and create value for your organization and in your business relationships.

Using tools like structured negotiation, facilitation, ombuds services, project dispute panels, mediation, and series mediations, we help professional practices and businesses thrive in transition, and we provide outside dispute-prevention and conflict-resolution services to help efficiently resolve conflicts within your organization and those that, left unchecked, might disrupt or hobble your major business projects and contracts.

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Business Transitions
Family & Closely Held Businesses
Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
Professional Practices

Ombuds Services
Colleges and Universities
Non-profit and Member Organizations

Safeguarding Projects
IT System-Integration Projects
Construction Projects
Distributorship, Supply & Franchise Agreements

We also offer Complex Dispute Resolution services to help you resolve existing disputes.

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