Business Transitions

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Conflict in the transition of a business or professional practice is inevitable. Left unaddressed, this conflict can put the transition at risk.

In corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, unresolved issues can delay or derail the closing and prevent successful transition after closing. Similar issues can impede or disrupt the successful transition of medical, financial, or other professional practices. Conflict also poses challenges to creating and implementing succession plans for family or closely-held businesses.

  • Existing staff may bridle at new management’s changes, or otherwise feel insecure before or after closing. Left to fester, conflict can degenerate into entrenched positions, low morale, and disrupting behaviors that impede progress and blind one group to the potential value or opportunity underlying the decisions or positions of the other.
  • Only 30% of family businesses survive the second generation, and only 5% survive the fourth. Thorny, often emotional, transition issues — including procrastination and avoidance — among family members can prevent adoption and successful implementation of optimal succession plans.

BeyondConflict brings two neutral and creative perspectives to help you and your representatives resolve conflicts in ways that reduce risk, add value and help you thrive in transition.

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