photo of lighthouse at nightMany large colleges and universities, hospitals, and non-profit organizations have internal ombuds offices designated to assist stakeholders with conflict resolution and to recommend changes to policies or procedures to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and humaneness of the organization. BeyondConflict provides these services to organizations that lack internal ombuds offices, and we offer an effective supplement or alternative where an existing internal ombuds office is underutilized due to perceived institutional or other bias.

Removed from institutional politics, we provide a confidential forum where concerns can be raised, issues discussed, and conflict among or between different stakeholders resolved outside formal grievance procedures or litigation. At colleges and universities, we can help resolve conflict between or among students, student groups, faculty, administration, parents, alumni, or staff. At hospitals, we can assist in resolving conflict between or among medical professionals, administration, patients, and staff. Non-profit and other member organizations may need our help to resolve conflict between or among professionals, artists, management, donors, and the community served or affected by the organization.

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