Safeguarding Projects

sapling amid treesConflict is a fact of life in major IT system-integration projects, in construction projects, and in distributorship, supply, or franchise agreements. Planning for conflict and committing in advance to involve skilled neutrals early, before these problems escalate to the executive suite, the legal department, or outside counsel, helps to avert major delays and disruptions, protect key relationships, and potentially save millions of dollars in legal risk and expense.

BeyondConflict provides a range of services for the timely, neutral-facilitated resolution of issues that invariably arise in major projects:

  • We work with your organization to identify incipient or likely sources of conflict in major projects.
  • We help you design and implement conflict-management tools to resolve conflict before it degenerates into costly disputes.
  • We help contracting parties keep projects healthy and on track by acting as neutrals in a variety of roles under a range of contract clauses — from regularly attending specified project meetings, to serving on project review boards or dispute panels, to being on call to facilitate discussion and resolution of issues when and as needed.

The business case for our services is easy: avoiding even one failed project or major litigated dispute pays for the cost of protecting many projects.

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