Fees & Pricing

At BeyondConflict, we tailor fee arrangements to fit the engagement and to meet our clients’ needs. Depending on the nature of the engagement and our clients’ needs, we are compensated using:

  • Time-based (hourly/daily) rate arrangements,
  • Flat fees and milestone-payment plans, and
  • Subscription plans.

Time-Based Fees

Most clients prefer time-based fees for dispute-resolution work, whether arbitration, mediation, or neutral case evaluation, and for some types of dispute-prevention services. We believe that we provide the greatest value when we serve as co-neutrals.

Flat/Staged/Capped Fees

We also provide alternative fee arrangements for our services, including flat fees, staged, fees, capped fees, and milestone-payment plans. Many clients prefer these fee arrangements for defined-scope engagements, such as:

  • Assisting a client in developing a conflict-management plan to suit its unique businesses; or
  • Helping a client analyze specific past (or ongoing) disputes to develop a plan to manage and prevent future disputes.

Subscription Plans

BeyondConflict also works with clients on a subscription basis. These plans benefit our clients by providing, on a cost-effective basis, a defined commitment and plan to intervene early before conflict is allowed to fester. They are particularly well suited for our Ombuds and Safeguarding Projects services.

Under these plans, a subscribing institution, such as a university or a hospital, retains BeyondConflict to provide pre-defined, customized ombuds services in exchange for a monthly fee. Or the parties to a major IT or construction project, or to a franchise, distributor, or supply agreement, subscribe to a Safeguard plan for the duration of the project. For the term of the subscription agreement, we provide the defined services at no additional cost beyond those detailed in the agreement.

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